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Kentucky Lawyers Providing Successful Legal Representation

At the Kentucky law firm of McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC, we handle a wide range of complex legal problems for businesses and professionals. More importantly, we handle them efficiently and effectively. Our clients are consistently impressed with our immediacy in dealing with the substance of their legal problems, not to mention the positive results we provide. Our long list of notable cases demonstrates our ability to succeed in even the most challenging cases.

Hands-On Representation From an Experienced Attorney

Our clients come to us with significant legal problems. They want their problems addressed by an experienced attorney. They do not want to be passed down the chain of command. They want to know their case is in good hands at all time, and that is why they come to our law firm.

 A Value-Added Proposition

Clients are often concerned with fees, particularly when hiring a law firm like ours, which provides hands-on representation from experienced attorneys. We make it clear that this is a value-added proposition. For very reasonable fees, our clients get representation from experienced attorneys who are dedicated to finding efficient and effective resolutions, often saving them money in the long run. A good example is in the area of estate planning, in which the state tax savings our services may provide far outweigh the costs of our services. We are dedicated to adding value in this way in all of our practice areas.

We work with our clients to design fee arrangements that meet their needs. We are extremely flexible when it comes to alternative fee arrangements. Of course, no matter what arrangements are settled upon, our clients always know about costs upfront, so there are never any surprises when our bill arrives.

Take the First Step to Success

Contact us  to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.



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